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Forest Bathing (Nature Connection) Walk

  • WILD PLAY Discovery Centre Dickens Drive, Centennial Park 2021 (map)

Forest Bathing Walks give us the time and space to take that much needed long exhale out in fresh air. In this culture of high-stress, fast-paced, technology-addicted living, practicing mindfulness in nature is essential for health and wellbeing. Studies have shown that meaningful connection to nature has significant health benefits for your mind, body and spirit. In fact, doctors in Scotland can now prescribe nature therapy for their patients.

A guided forest bathing experience is quite different to a bushwalk or walk in the park you might do on your own. It involves a facilitated sensory awareness meditation followed by a series of gentle invitations to connect to nature and expand your perception of the life moving within and around you. After each invitation we take time to gather in a listening circle (or Council) and share our experience. On guided walks, people often experience their connection to themselves, others and nature in more profound ways than they do in normal daily life. This can feel healing and nourishing for weary souls and also spark curiosity and passion for other ways of seeing and knowing the world, drawing out creativity and newfound vitality.

I am one of Australia’s first certified Nature and Forest Therapy Guides and I’m passionate about sharing the Art and Practice of Connecting with Nature with you! I hope you’ll join me on this walk.

Price: $30 for 2hr session.  Click below to register. 

I look forward to walking with you! 

Earlier Event: October 18
Forest Bathing (Nature Connection) Walk